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Creating YOur Vision.

From Startups, Hollywood Scene, Sports, Medical Technology to Billionaire Ventures

Best Corporate Communications, Sales & Marketing Consultancy Award 2020 – California CV Magazine
Clifford Price, Principle



The Competitive Edge for Business Leaders

93% of executives agree that custom solutions gives them a strategic advantage.

Solutions with a twist

From Hollywood Scene, Sports, Medical Technology, Golf Devices, Power Supplies, Dry Eye Technology, Consumer Wellness Products, Optical Medical Device Technology, International Business Development, New Dental Technology, Non-Profit and beyond…Ocean Motion Productions diverse experience from concept to positioning. B2B & B2C advancements.

Talking the Hollywood Scene, Sports and Life Experiences – Podcasts and Marketing
PGA Golf Marketing and Online Commerce Applications for Golf Tees and Tools
All components that bring power from the wall into your product, for any location, anywhere in the world

OD/MD Device Marketing and Management B2C and B2B

Natural Products Marketing and Management DTC
Controlled Drug Delivery to the Eye via a Contact Lens Online Marketing and Investor presentations
International Business Consulting Branding, Marketing and Positioning
Dental Industry Product Branding, Marketing and Postioning for FDA approved product.

Play it forward

It’s a Complete Game-Changer – Empower Everyone to Succeed

A great portfolio will get you visability. A Great result will get you referrals.

For over 20 years 95% of the firms business has been from referrals and we deeply appreciate the impact is has for us throughout the world.

changing the
future together

Mr. Price is an award-winning professional with 30 years of experience leading corporate sales, marketing and internal communications for start-ups and multi-million dollar companies across diverse global industries


Highlighted Stats:

  • Involved in over $76M in Private Placement Offerings
  • Engaged with clients in over 9 countries
  • Generated $1.2M in online revenue (B2C) for one client during COVID
  • Developed and Manage all online experience for National Podcast
  • Advise, develop and design all online applications for two national non-profit organizations
  • Designed and developed online custom CRM for international reach in medical arena
  • Branded and marketed numerous consumer products from concept to management
  • Designed and developed APP for international reach in the investment venue
  • Developed and produced all social media ads, reach an conversions for a portfolio of clients
  • Ecommerce web presence for domestic and international clients
  • Designed, developed and produced web interface for a client with over 14,200 products
  • Designed packaging and marketing for international medical device
Real business Startup SOLUTIONs

thinking outside
the box is our motto

I believe that every project is personal. The connection we have with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the design process. We must understand the clients and bond with them, be a part of their dream. Their dream is our dream.

1. Strategic planning

2. OMP solutions


Clifford H. Price, Principal

A respected leader of creative teams, multimedia divisions, and corporate communications departments within the portfolio of direct client relationships.

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