Original Canned Air From San Diego, gag souvenir, gift, memorabilia

Fresh Canned Air 2022



“This gift was a hit! It’s the perfect size for office desktop decor.

Perfect for: Vacation Memento, FOMO gift for friends and family. Taking a slice of paradise wherever you go because you CAN

DISCLAIMER: May contain fresh canned air from various areas including,but not limited to, La Jolla, Del Mar, Mission Beach, Harbor Island, Gaslamp

A FUN TWIST ON GIFTING, DECORATING OR COLLECTING: These cans are memorable, enduring, a high quality and unique keepsake to proudly share and display. Our Novelty Gift or Collector Cans will be the talk of any occasion as each can is passed from person to person…

YES, BE PREPARED! Get your camera ready as curious faces burst into smiles and laughter.

“They’re perfect gifts! What else are you going to take home when you go home from San Diego? A hat? A Plastered T-shirt? These cans are light, portable, you can just imagine someone’s face when they unwrap it or ANY occasion.”

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