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Branding. Marketing. Positioning.

Best Corporate Communications, Sales & Marketing Consultancy Award 2020
– California CV Magazine

2021 GO GLOBAL Awards Top Placer Marketing – International Trade Council

Supporting companies of all sizes, from early-stage innovators and startups to established industry leaders in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, sports, entertainment, engineering and non-profit


20+ Years

Over the past 20 years we have designed, developed, branded and marketed for clients throughout the world
USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, Germany, Israel, Taiwan, China, Korea, South Africa, New Zealand, India and beyond.


Diverse Industries

From Hollywood Scene, Sports, Medical Technology, Golf Devices, Power Supplies, Dry Eye Technology, Consumer Wellness Products, Optical Medical Device Technology, International Business Development, New Dental Technology, Non-Profit and beyond…Ocean Motion Productions diverse experience from concept to positioning. B2B & B2C advancements.



Online exposure and connecting with other people through smart, multi-channel marketing.

Ocean Motion Productions | Since 2002

Empowering discoveries that lead to healthier lives around the world

Ocean Motion Productions also works closely with universities, academic and research institutions, the investment community, and other critical partners that promote this vibrant sector.
Digital Business Development

Break free from the limitations of traditional software and online development. OMP empowers you to create custom business applications. Better, faster, more affordable than traditional design agencies. Your brand is the answer. We can articulate your identity logically and consistently across multiple platforms, media and contexts.

We help investors find you

The best part of our job is knowing we help our clients succeed. When we help our clients reach their goal or help their business pass a new milestone, it's the most satisfying moment because your success is the reason we do what we do. We offer full accountability.

Ocean Motion Productions

Transform your business through the OMP Pro Team

Better, faster, more affordable than traditional design and marketing agencies.

Branding. Marketing. Positioning.
Digital Media

Smartphones currently account for 76 percent of the total digital media time in the US (Comscore, 2020). That’s a 22.8 percent increase from the 57 percent registered in 2017. We bring our expertise for your business to succeed in various sectors.

We help you grow

The best part of our job is knowing we help our clients succeed. When we help our clients reach their goal or help their business pass a new milestone, it's the most satisfying moment because your success is the reason we do what we do.

Bringing Your Product & Service to the World

Make information overload and outdated content a thing of the past

Product Packaging and Marketing Solutions

In-House Design

Online Customized Secure Portal Platforms

We build beautiful experiences that get your company real results!

76% of people use mobile devices to view info

Not only are people using their mobile devices to do product research, but many of them are also using them to carry out purchases. We want to discuss your goals, identify pain points, and work together to bring clarity to your business challenges. OMP gets to know your business and customers in order to create a strategy designed to help you achieve your goals.

We help businesses all around the world to grow.

core features

learn about our specialties and experience


high quality design

"I believe that every project is personal. The connection we have with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the design process. We must understand the clients and bond with them, be a part of their dream. Their dream is our dream."


performance data

Performance data to determine the success of the organization and incorporate what is learned into improvement efforts


high quality online video

High-quality online video with less rebuffering, higher conversion rates and reach to targets


web, mobile, app and crm

content marketing, branding, email marketing, event marketing & planning, packaging design, social media marketing, and video production services.


social media & investments

you can get your message to them effectively. Online communications have taken over where face-to-face communication used to be



Our e-commerce platform lets you analyze site traffic and browse-to-buy conversion rates to define special offers and new products based on customer behavior.

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presentations for clients
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CLIENTS IN 7 countries over the past 20 years
We offer a full stack of digital technology

What people say about OMP Pro Team

“Their work was transformational for us in terms of helping to communicate our core value proposition and strategic positioning for the brand…Several providers responded to us and really wanted to know more about what we were doing and how we could work with them. That was a huge success.”
Kelsi Blevins
– CMO, Healthcare

Podcast Marketing Solutions

Complimentary Consultation

invest a few minutes of your time to learn about the ROI available today

Let’s discuss your specific needs and the solution options available to you and your business


Talking the Hollywood Scene, Sports and Life Experiences – Podcasts and Marketing

PGA Golf Marketing and Online Commerce Applications for Golf Tees and Tools

All components that bring power from the wall into your product, for any location, anywhere in the world

OD/MD Device Marketing and Management B2C and B2B

Natural Products Marketing and Management DTC

Controlled Drug Delivery to the Eye via a Contact Lens Online Marketing and Investor presentations

International Business Consulting Branding, Marketing and Positioning

Dental Industry Product Branding, Marketing and Postioning for FDA approved product.

Participated in over $78M in Private Placement Offerings

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Mr. Price is an award-winning professional with 30 years of experience leading corporate sales, marketing and internal communications for start-ups and multi-million dollar companies across diverse global industries

Ocean Motion productions

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Clifford Price, Founder and Principal

Mr. Price is a respected leader of creative teams, multimedia divisions, and corporate communications departments within his own portfolio of direct client relationships. He is an expert in the technical, conceptual, and content development of online sales-driving collateral. He demonstrates a proven ability to drive record-high marketing campaign response rates and execute successful product, service, and offering launches.

Mr. Price has been a keynote speaker at educational seminars for real estate professionals and accredited investors throughout America. His background includes extensive telecommunication, website applications, wireless and software technology, private placement real estate offerings and business development planning. Mr. Price played an integral part in NuSight Medical, implementing gateway coding and deployment, international integration and marketing strategies with distributors, strategic account implementation, social media and marketing, and app design and deployment. Throughout his career he has worked with executives and firms from Fortune 100, Fortune 1000 and local small businesses. He has been responsible for sales and marketing, business development, investor relations and related services across all markets worldwide.

Clifford Price Experiencing Zenergy Healing

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Bio in the Brewery – Networking Event October 21, 2021

“I believe that every project is personal. The connection I have with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the design process. I must understand the clients and bond with them, be a part of their dream. Their dream is my dream.” Clifford Price

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